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Senior Data Scientist

Plaats: Nederland
Bedrijf: ASML
Uren: Voltijd
You will evaluate andapply new learning methodologies and develop solutions to improve on-customerproduct performance obtained with ASML machines and applications.

ASML is one of theworld’s leading manufacturers of semiconductor-chip-making equipment. Amajority of the world’s microchips receive their critical lithographicpatterning in machines made by ASML. In addition ASML produces metrology toolsand advanced applications to analyze and optimize the performance of thecustomer production process. At the Business Line Applications, we developAnalytics & Control solutions that improve the accuracy of performancemetrics (such as overlay, focus,critical dimension) as measured on the endproduct of a fab process (wafers with chip structures).

Job Description
ASML is looking for DataScientist to join our Applied Data Science team. We are interested inindividuals with strong knowledge and experience in developing and evaluatingMachine Learning & Data Mining algorithms as well as a broad interest indata handling, modeling and visualization.

You will evaluate andapply new learning methodologies and develop solutions to improve on-customerproduct performance obtained with ASML machines and applications. By combiningscanner and metrology data with information on fab usage conditions through techniques from the field of Data Science, you discover relations betweenstochastic variables and design robust and adaptive models that generalize welland can deal with uncertainty.

Particularly, the vacancy aims at developing new data analytics, visualizationsand control solutions by cutting edge techniques from Machine Learning and DataMining. Successful methodologies may be included in ASML customer applications.

  • Ph.D. in MachineLearning/Data Science
  • M.Sc. in for instance Data Science, Statistics, Physics, ElectricalEngineering or Computer Science

  • Experience in softwaredevelopment, strong coding skills, in a.o. Matlab, R, and Python
  • Ability to communicate complex mathematical concepts in a clear and precisemanner
  • Experience working on practical applications using real-world datasets
  • Handle, analyze and visualize complex, high-volume, high-dimensional datafrom varying sources

Personal skills
  • Enthusiastic andintrinsically motivated, Creative thinker
  • Good & proactive communication in an international and multidisciplinaryenvironment
  • Taking responsibility, self-propelling
  • Goal-oriented and flexible mindset, willing to acquire lithography and othersemiconductor manufacturing knowledge.

Context of the position
You will be a member ofthe Applied Data Science team in Development & Engineering of the BusinessLine Applications (On-Product Performance department, Modeling group) where youwill interact with your peer data scientists. You will also be part of amultidisciplinary product development team, interacting with other departments(such as software development and customer support).

Other information
Travelling a few timesper year to customers worldwide can be part of the job.
If you wish to apply,please upload your resume and cover letter via the link “Apply for this job”below this job description.


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